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Speed And Danger
Battle Beast

…! Keep the engine roaring louder than hell Machine guns are singing Can you hear the dying screams? Better to die with your boots on Than beg for mercy Speed and Danger, Speed and Danger Nitro in my veins Speed and

59.82 %
The Poet and the Pendulum

…The end. The songwriter's dead. The blade fell upon him Taking him to the white lands Of Empathica Of Innocence Empathica Innocence The dreamer and the wine Poet without a rhyme A widowed writer torn apart by chains…

46.57 %
Passion and the Opera

…to the Devil's kin Your God is me In all that you see An Aphrodite for mortal souls Playing hide and seek in lecherous roles Their erotic hour my tearless weep Their satisfaction my infinite sleep…

25.08 %
Under The Rose

…defeat and want back home In your heart under the rose I open my eyes with a sigh of relief As the warmth of summer's sunlight dances around me And I see you with dead leaves in your hands I've been burning in water and

24.17 %
Enough of You
Nylon Beat

…If I should see you only every now and then That wouldn't be too much to handle But you chose the wrong play And everyday I find you at my door again With wine and roses and a candle That isn't okay I got to say, it's…

22.79 %

…? The motherland will never fall A comrade will stand tall A comrade will never fall Guns guarding the sky of the heart Momentarily everything falls apart Mother Oh hungry sorrow Show me your smile And loving heart Oh…

22.46 %
When Love And Death Embrace

…I'm in love with you And it's crushing my heart All I want is you To take me into your arms When love and death embrace I love you And you're crushing my heart I need you Please take me into your arms When love and death embrace Oh, when love and death When love and death When love and death embrace…

21.42 %
Candour And Lies

…I, I have sailed All alone So many times The seven seas of tears I can still hear the waves. Cold frigid wind On my sails Always takes me back To distant memories Home, the last farewell. Waves of time candour and

20.15 %

…"Ring-a-ring-a-roses A pocket full of posies Atishoo, atishoo We all fall down" Once upon a time in a daymare Dying to meet you, little child, enter enter this sideshow Time for bed the cradle still rocks 13 chimes on…

19.89 %