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Hand On Heart

…Heartbreaking crying, so real You forgot the battle of your own The saddest thing you've ever heard Hand on heart I swear I'll stay strong for you I can feel your pain Hand on heart I swear Fingers crossed I pray for someone…

58.68 %
Hand of Doom

…, Death's hands starts to weave It's too late to turn, you don't want to learn Price of life you cry, now you're gonna die!…

54.31 %
All the Japanese Girls Go: "Oooh!"
Gaijin Superheroes

…girls! Japanese girls! Konbanwa! (knock-knock-knock) Jakuza! (clap-clap-clap) Dangerous! (Fiuh-fauh!) Ninja! (Ungh!) Japanese girls! Super Mario innocence Bentoo box nonsense Superheroes, Finland Nippon, main land

39.08 %
God Forsaken Land

…truth in disguise? The truth is found behind the wall of lies We should be disarmed now or never Or the war within ourselves will last forever I can't be what you want me to be Come and take my hand, no need to understand…

33.11 %
Lappi (Lapland)

…Where moon sheds the cold twilight This moment is eternity Land of beauty Cold and cruel Fjeld chants echoing Reflecting the melancholy Trust the wind Trust the fire Call for the hermit The hermit of the night Land of raven Land of bear Land of eagle And wolverine Dismal are the mirrors of a wolf…

26.09 %
Do The Duck
Hanoi Rocks

…Hanoi Rocks, Mike Monroe is now going to show you how to do the duck Our point is that you can suck the duck, Something new, I never knew, Something new, I never heard of You got to shake your legs, clap your hands

25.71 %
Beauty and the Beast

…we shared Your trembling paw in my hand Dreaming of that northern land Touching me with a kiss of a beast I know my dreams are made of you Of you and only for you Your ocean pulls me under Your voice tears me asunder…

22.10 %
Guardian Angel
Samuli Edelmann

…angel (now) walks beside (him/her). The wilds are (so) dark and the road is stony and often it might even be quite slippery. Oh, soon could the little child fall, (he/she could fall,) if the hand were not in the hand of…

20.84 %
Hard Luck Woman
Hanna Pakarinen

…the days of my life I have waited And the hope never has really faded We used to love each other We know we do So maybe we should bother And stop playing a fool I'll be your hard luck woman Would you be my hard luck man? The flame's still burning Just take my hand You know I'm your woman I know you're my man…

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