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Hands Up

Hands up, who's gonna make it? Can we save the world tonight? Both you and I will make it We'll find our way back to the light Hands up, who's gonna make it? Can we save the world tonight? Both you and I will make it We'll find our way back to the light…

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Hand of Doom

…, Death's hands starts to weave It's too late to turn, you don't want to learn Price of life you cry, now you're gonna die!…

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…is to ride alone With bare hands he has taken many lives He has had a hundred women by his side From enchanted woods to the freezing north He is known at every sea and far beyond As the moon grows and the circle is…

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Devil Woman
Hanoi Rocks

…Times they've been changin' lately as you can see Time's been changin' both you and me You say you'll leave me, leave me for good Maybe you're right, Baby, maybe you should Devil woman rides on the wind She'll leave…

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Do The Duck
Hanoi Rocks

…Hanoi Rocks, Mike Monroe is now going to show you how to do the duck Our point is that you can suck the duck, Something new, I never knew, Something new, I never heard of You got to shake your legs, clap your hands

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Young And Restless

…We're survivors Dodge lightning Hit and run, hit and run Teen vikings Hands are rising To the sun, to the sun When all the work is up Who gives a F? We just got paid And we forget about our troubles While we play the…

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Sword Chant

…[Grim man's tale:] [I:] A flaming blade of the dark shadows struck the lands with furious lightning it fell into the hands of man And the ancient fire came down down from the sky into the ground The clouds moved aside…

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Bad King

…ever thought I would need that thing. Wanna love, wanna kill - are you talking to me?) Walks by your side, takes your hand and opens up the sky. Do you feel alive? Behind the scenes are the wasted dreams - I've seen it…

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New Colours

…Colours have come alive, it was about time To put the darkness behind I'm stronger, I belong here, I can stand up, put my hands up taste like freedom, in my queendom Starting from today, I'm gonna keep the gray away I…

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