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If i hurt you i'm sorry, darling don't you worry coz i really really love you baby
Bunny mack

if i hurt you im sorry darling dont you worry coz I really really love you baby…

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One Desire

…the lesson learned Then if the time will come And it will tell us to be free Will you still believe in you You and me Cause all I know (All i know) Is that our love will grow (Love will grow) And all that we need starts…

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If You Love Me
Satin Circus

…now we would be Standing on the porch together Holding on to love Who felt so strong I know it's not gone So if you lo-o-o-ve me Hey baby, take me by the fire And just say those words again And I'd do it like back

14.08 %
All About You & I

…Ooooh-oooh Ooooh-oooh It's true I think that I'm so screwed That butterfly tattoo So strange how I'm haunted by your gaze You're selfless So sordidly spotless Standing in silence To you I wanna show a special place…

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Where Were You Last Night

…Still Spinning round in my head How I regret everything that I said Why did I tell you to go Saving my pride but losing my soul I'm here all alone Still wait by the phone The hours go by What else could I do but to cry…

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If I Had Your Number
Nylon Beat
10.99 %

…the sunset When you go down I feel like I'm in heaven baby College kids don't even have a clue You're gonna get me dazzled by that leopard pattern I feel like I'm unstoppable and you are way too fuckable tonight We're…

10.83 %
I Wrote a Song for You
Isac Elliot

…We don't talk much And I got two years worth of stories But we don't talk much, no I don't sleep much And my heavy head that's full of worry Hasn't changed much, no If I call, would you pick up? It's the only thing I

10.68 %
Don't you ever leave me
Hanoi Rocks

…then nothing will drag me away Don't you ever leave me baby Don't you ever leave me now Don't you ever leave me baby If you leave me you will kill me now Now that some much time has passed I know that this love of ours…

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