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This Moment Is Eternity

…Day possesses no key here Where moon sheds the cold twilight This moment is eternity Land of beauty Cold and cruel Fjeld chants echoing Reflecting the melancholy Trust the wind Trust the fire Call for the hermit The hermit of the night Land of raven Land of bear Land of eagle And wolverine Dismal are the mirrors of a wolf…

65.60 %

…I'm keeping your memory in my head And your ghost lies next to me in my bed And I know I'm alive But my heart keeps pumping out of time And I keep checking my phone for a sign kertosäe: Baby I'm lost I lost my way Baby…

56.33 %

lost She tries to live Forget, forgive So filled with fear "Please take me away, out of here" Her destination is salvation She's not lost She buries the sorrow, dires every tear that falls Her pain keeps fading until…

54.86 %

…I'm giving up the ghost of love into the shadows cast on devotion She is the one that I adore creed of my silent suffocation Break this bittersweet spell on me lost in the arms of destiny Bittersweet I won't give up…

53.37 %
Eternal Wait

…All I see is the face of eternal wait I hear your silent cry lost in the rainy night No reason to live for one reason to die for I am the one who has fallen into the path of shadows (and that road never seems to end) I am the one who has drowned into the river of tears…

44.64 %
Into Battle

…will die The fire will burn forever in our passionate hearts Our destinies are calling us now We are ready to take their lives Into battle we ride with Gods by our side We are strong and not afraid to die We have an urge…

44.20 %
Ghost Brigade

…Drawn back to life from a storm so cold Into comforting fire, a new dawn is rising Unmasked, ready for deliverance Rebirth through failure Just like so many times before They've been asking where you have been, Why you…

39.31 %
Into The Black Light
Ghost Brigade
38.89 %
Lost In A Loop
Ghost Brigade

…got in your way You got lost in the loop You got lost in the loop I'm praying for that day to come I'm praying for a sunrise The great awakening And I'm praying for you to come The last day of our great creator…

38.44 %