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Isac Elliot

…the one for me My heart goes boom, boom, boom when I'm with you, you, you Don't you see we're meant to be Live on full attack and recklessly, recklessly, recklessly Oh girl, it should be me who will love you right…

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Isac Elliot

…Oh my god You got your head in the clouds, never come down I love that you're a crazy ride The way you let down your hair like you don't care You rock this steady world of mine, one of a kind I guess that opposites they…

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Let's lie
Isac Elliot
95.12 %
No One Else
Isac Elliot

…You made a mess and now my heart is an open wound Oh no How do we save something when there's nothing left to lose? Oh, oh And when you're there, don't care I know it's just ain't right I told myself from the start that…

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First Kiss
Isac Elliot
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Isac Elliot

…myself, I can't help myself And she won't notice 'Til there's someone else, 'til there's someone else I guess you're missing all My good and bad intensions Guess I'm invisible 'Til you lose my attention And she won't…

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Paper plane
Isac Elliot

…skyline I know it sounds insane but I will try Cause where ever you are Yeah, where ever ever I'll risk it for ya And on my paper plane yeah I will fly over the skyline And if it's gonna rain then I could die But where…

89.53 %
Baby I
Isac Elliot

…, ooh Baby I-I-I-I-I I would lie-ie-ie-ie-ie If I said I never miss you when I’m by myself So tonight I will try. I will open up your eyes ’Cause I know that you’d be better off with me instead So here I am without my

88.92 %
Worth Something
Isac Elliot

…break this holy moment (this holy moment) When the truth is you're still on my mind Isn't that worth something? Isn't that worth everything? When you know it's real it's hard to find Isn't that worth something? Isn't that…

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