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…bird delivered into my heart, so It's not the end Not the kingdom come It is the journey that matters, the distant wanderer Call of the wild In me forever and ever and ever forever Wanderlust I want to love by the Blue…

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Maria Monde

…mä oon? Mä en oo mikään enkä kukaan kuljen omaa rataa en näyttelyy kaipaa. Siinä kaikki, 'Thats it'. Antaa olla näytän keskaria. Niille jotka näyttelee minkälaisia meidän pitäisi olla. Oh My God. Hetero, Lesbo, Homo, Bi…

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Outta My Head

…erase you, I've tried to replace you But I can't get you outta my head My hearts torn to pieces, and I'm such a mess I can't get you outta my head Outta my head, outta my head Outta my head,…

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Doom Unit

…alive Leave a life of sin with desire Now take me higher My direction It's all I have Bleed for nothing F***ed up plan I know my crime Paid my due Will I ever find Peace of mine? (With you) Your secrets are safe with me Finally free from what I need Maybe I am just alive Leave a life of sin with desire Now take me higher…

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Under The Rose

…I dream of the winter in my heart turning to spring While the ice gives way under my feet And so I drown with the sun I've been burning in water and drowning in flame To prove you wrong and scare you away I admit my

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Why Can't My Heart Break

…He is that boy everyone wants I can't believe, almost I have it all He was the one out of my reach And now that he's here, he's just something I need He tells me, tells me that he wants me Holding my hand, but I don't…

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…Its friday night, forget the popular kids Let's all get lost somewhere Let's fall of the grid Just a bunch of misfits, kicking in In the backseat of my car To find adventure We don't need to go far Because, We are…

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Spirits Defender
Bad King

…A cruel and hopeless way ahead. Found yourself from someone's bed. Never felt so cold. And never felt like stoned. We break our way trough the walls. Feed them with feelings and wishes, ooh, the spirit of me wants to…

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…Tear me apart to gain control You know I have two faces You can choose the one you want Oh, I know I climb too high I want to see the sun Drown in my world Drown in my world Drown in my world Drown in my world Drown…

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