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On the Wing

…Somebody told me to shit on the wing On the edge of concentrated life the void:,:…

40.68 %
The Greatest Show On Earth

…1.) Four Point Six Archaean horizon The first sunrise On a pristine Gaea Opus perfectum Somewhere there, us sleeping 2.) Life The cosmic law of gravity Pulled the newborns around a fire A careless, cold infinity in…

32.32 %
Do the stönö
Juice Leskinen

…sitä tänään selitellään) Stönö (Do the stönö, everybody do the stönö) Ne väitti, että tanssi on sairasta, jos mallia ei ota Airasta Stönö (Do the stönö, everybody do the stönö) Do the stönö (Do the stönö, everybody do…

29.55 %
Man On The Moon feat. Sweet California

…worry I'll be with the stars watching from the far Crawl up to the man on the moon I'll be right here, watching over, watching over you I'll be right here, watching over, watching over you Now I'm older Life can trap you…

29.33 %
Push It To The Limit
Battle Beast

…left to stand in your way you might get careless, but you'll never be safe while you still feel it Welcome to the limit (The limit) Standing on the razor's edge don't look down just keep your head and you'll be finished…

28.63 %
The Carpenter

…Who are you? Man condemned to shine a salvation Throughout the centuries Why? Was the wine of the grail Too sour for man to drink The carpenter Carved his anchor On the dying souls of mankind On the tomb of this…

27.24 %
Crows Bring The Spring

…flames Bring warmth with crows Reveals stones from the snow You can see the snow On the mountain tops And brook's to the sea Soon sun rises over the hills [Chorus:] Endless sky, burning red Purple clouds touch the top of the mountain And in the wind, I hear those crows They will bring the spring And take the cold away…

26.53 %
Behind The Crimson Door

…Covered the carcass of time with flowers To send the scent of blame to the grave Set the darkest thoughts on fire And watched the ashes climb to heaven's gates We hide behind the crimson door While the summer is killed…

26.27 %
Enter The Metal World
Battle Beast

…It's not the sun in the sky That shines on me when I cry It's not the one we all can see The one that lives in me I'm afraid of never finding her on time Gonna pray I'll never die The nightmare has begun Enter the

26.18 %