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Are you gonna be my girl
Isac Elliot

…want a diamond ring I'll buy the crown jewels to be your king I catch your eye with one cheeky glance I wink you blink, let me tell you baby what I think I am a gnarly dude for my cool girl I want my name on her lips…

100.00 %
Better together

…tonight And dream a little dream of me tonight I've been spending my whole life wishing When i was living down on the street I always felt there was a piece of me missing An intuition that my world was incomplete You know…

84.09 %
Touch In The Night
Battle Beast

…horrendous emptyness inside Can you help me? I wanna feel your touch in the Night Unpure is my dark delight What a lustful sight before these eyes, oh darling? I'm gonna feel the wrath of the king 'Coz touching you was a…

83.21 %
Are You Ready?
Anna Abreu

…as it rips your soul Everybody's freakin', it's the weekend "oh, oh" It's gonna be our night, it's gonna be our night Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready for me, are you ready let's go If you come to party and…

81.99 %
I’ll Be With You
Robin Packalen

…Drink for drink I’m wasted And I can’t get my eyes off you It’s always different faces But tonight girl I’ll be with you See I ain't patient I need you right here with me The way your body is moving so dangerously I’m…

81.83 %
Parachute feat. Satin Circus
Isac Elliot

…I know you've been scared Let me hold you Girl, lay right there Close to me I'll take it from here Trust me, baby From the storm I'll steer Hold on to me When all the light's gone I'll be, I'll be fighting for you and…

81.72 %
Always By My Side

…no way that I could try to stop it Your love keeps on holding me so tight There's no way that I could try to fight it YOU - are always by my side YOU - keep holding me tonight YOU - I could never hide Keep on lovin' me

78.79 %
Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart

…inside your heart All I ever wanted was you, my love You...all I ever wanted is you, my love You're all I ever wanted, you, oh, my love You're all I ever wanted, you, my love That's the way it's always been My heart…

77.69 %
Satin Circus
69.59 %
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