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Ride On

…You got to me when I was alone You let me see I'm away from my home I can go on, go on for days If you stay by my side we will go all the way Oh when I walk through the mountains and rivers Load on my back I feel the…

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Serpent Ride

…Upon the wings of a dream She rides Close she comes to me Fills me with light Towards the dark side of the moon We fly She sings me a tune Away through the silver starlight I don't want to wake up this time I'm alive…

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Last Ride of the Day

…life The beauty of this ride ahead such an incredible high It's hard to light a candle, easy to curse the dark instead This moment the dawn of humanity The last ride of the day Wake up, Dead Boy Enter adventureland…

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Sex While a Taxi Ride
Nylon Beat

…drive, what a summernight Let's make love on all four wheels Sex while a taxi ride Taxi ride, taxi rides There's no reason to be shy Around the block I feel your love on me…

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…rain and wind and weather Hell-bent for leather Wishin' my gal was by my side. All the things I'm missin' Good vittles, love, and kissin' Are waiting at the end of my ride. CHORUS Move 'em on, head 'em up Head 'em up…

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Into The Night

…Trapped in autumn, buried beneath the leaves To the echo of the summer softly weeping Sinking further in this sanguinary sea Painting pain with pastels through her cemetery eyes Into the night we ride, scars wide open…

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…is to ride alone With bare hands he has taken many lives He has had a hundred women by his side From enchanted woods to the freezing north He is known at every sea and far beyond As the moon grows and the circle is…

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…- is waiting for the final day when he'll be released from the shackles of a slave In the eye of the storm he rides with jaded memories of his life as the fires are dancing colorfully, he is struggling to survive…

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kride sä oot ehkä hieman musta hajonnu halusin olla jäbä joka tunteit ei muille vaa näytä mut idiootti oisin jos pystyis turvautuu tai näyttää ku sä tutustuit muhun ja aloit puhuu punastuttiin ja tiesit heti et oon ihastunu…

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