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Isac Elliot

…to slow it down Tired of being stuck in a red zone, red zone, oh The way the body moves, so vicious Make me wanna crush right here and now I just wanna close the distance, distance, oh But she won't notice I can't help…

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She Is My Sin
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She Is My Sin (Live)
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The way that she moves Yeah, yeah The way that she moves her body Don't get me started About the body Somebody get me out, can't live with or without it Cause what she got is Is so exotic I tell your momma, this girl is…

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Isac Elliot

…I know she don't got the best reputation There's something about her, she ain't got nothing to prove She walk in here without no invitation And I'm right behind her 'cause I got nothing to lose She say what she wanna…

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War Child

…When there's no life around, she makes the desert bloom Her face is the sun, and the summer is in her womb The wind wipes away the dirt from her head It's time to move when the leaves land She flies like the swans of…

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Rebel Yell
Billy idol

…Last night a little dancer came dancin' to my door Last night my little angel came pumpin' on the floor She said, come on, baby, I got a license for love And if it expires, pray help from above Because in the midnight…

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Right Here In My Arms

She is smiling like heaven is down on earth The sun is shining so bright on her And all her wishes have finally come true And her heart is weeping. This happiness is killing her It's true she's in love She'll be right…

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