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Your Sweet Six Six Six

…in my heart I'm longing for your touch And I welcome your sweet six six six in my heart I'm losing my faith in you You don't want it to be true But there's nothing you can do There's nothing you can do Yes, I've lost my…

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Man On The Moon feat. Sweet California

…in storm that one thunder Can bring you to your knees But when I fall down There's still I voice inside my head that makes me stronger And tells me to believe Cause I Will never let you down No Matter where you are yeah…

57.94 %
My sweet friend
Piia Myyry

…For you, my sweet friends, over the years, in the same hills, in the forest cities, where there is dark nights, you are my angel, oll the nights, you give me something, without i cant life, its like a magic, all night…

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Sweet Pandemonium

…Today Tomorrow seems so far away And the wait in vain So safe In the blinding light of love unchained In yesterday's grave The truth that could set souls free Is buried within sweet pandemonium Concealed by disbelief…

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Sweet Talk
Isac Elliot

…Yeah What's up girl Sweet, sweet talk I eat your word like a sugercoated candy And they go down, down, down I cannot fight this magical Connection spin me round, round, round You should know I don't throw round words…

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…So far away but still so near The waves of freedom still remember his name The haven's gone shattered to oblivion And when the tide rolls in It won't take him away This is the game between love and hate Spinning in the…

36.36 %

…Turmoil breaks out in the night Close your eyes, there's no place to hide Pray for yourself But no one hears When you scream Until the silence falls Laatokka on jäässä Tie elämän tai kuoleman Mother Oh hungry sorrow…

34.80 %
Hanoi Rocks

…with the guitar! Okay? Recall the times we met - so wild and free We had our ups and we had our downs But the sweet sweet rock'n'roll always played on the radio We grew up and we learned the rules You gotta fight to win…

30.55 %
Hand On Heart

…Darkness is killing the light Fading to the veil of night Silence begins to fall You watch the shadows growing tall Pandemonium inside your head You might be on your dying bed But something breaks your fear…

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