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Tears On Tape

…Church bells toll Thunder roars around me I’ve been warned to prepare myself For the fall I’m armed to the teeth with tender pain Of all yesterdays Tears on tape I will follow into your heart Sketching rain from afar…

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This Fortress Of Tears

…No one can hurt you now In this haven safe and sound No one can save you now From this grace you are drowning in Just hold your breath on your way down This fortress of tears I've built from my fears for you This…

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Angels Fall First

…shortness of our time Tears laid for them Tears of love, tears of fear Bury my dreams, dig up my sorrows Oh Lord why The angels fall first? Not relieved by thoughts of Shangri-La Nor enlightened by the lessons of Christ…

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Watching You Fall

…nothing at all All that you were never mattered anyway All that you are is a portrait of years of decline Treated with blood and tears, the lies, The pride sacrificed Your fall will be fast and we will forget you We've all

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…no sorrow in the heart of mine for the tears of life are now gone Winds are whispering in the sacred forest dancing and singing with the red autumn leaves These memories I could never forget with rising sun I shall be here with thee…

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It's All Tears (Drown In This Love)

…drown in this love Open your arms and let me show you what love can be like It's all tears and it will be till the end of your time Come closer, my love Will you let me tear your heart apart? Now all hope is gone, so…

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Love Without Tears

…That love without tears Is just a story told to keep us hanging on In the cold all alone, baby don't fear I sing Love without tears, love without tears A ghost residing here, a boy who Can't let go, won't take no for…

54.14 %
I Want My Tears Back

…wonder, where's the awe? Where are the sleepless nights I used to live for? Before the years take me I wish to see The lost in me I want my tears back I want my tears back now A ballet on a grove, still growing young…

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…you in the night She brings you all the pain and all the tears you try to hide I know that you dont' want anyone to find out How wounds inside of you will bleed Falling out of the world you belong in And you can scream…

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