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The Vampire

Into hell Into hell With my blood now you are free Like a scream, fly to me fly to me Similar dreams, and we're flying like an angel But we fall, always into hell Into hell Into Run away, take another falling love and…

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Into Battle

…will die The fire will burn forever in our passionate hearts Our destinies are calling us now We are ready to take their lives Into battle we ride with Gods by our side We are strong and not afraid to die We have an urge…

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Put out the fire
Mikko Sipola

…out the fire And rearrange Something is wrong Put out the fire Let's make a change All you people out there raise your hands if you're in Take a look around, yeah time is right to begin What's going on Put out the fire

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I want fire, all nights
Piia Myyry

…come tonight, we have all the time. You love in a distant land, but it is alright, you love your body, I can see it from your eyes, you are just fine, we have tickets to cancun, sandbeach to start a new life, come to

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Soul On Fire

…enslaved by the sacred heart of shame And gently raped by the light of day We are like the living dead Sacrificing all we have For a frozen heart and soul on fire We are like the living dead Craving for deliverance With a…

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One Desire

…They see me search the darkest night But trouble came from what I left behind Hey was it all pretending I never dared to take the fight And now I'm stuck into this emptiness (I never saw the fall) And now it's never…

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Into The Night

…Trapped in autumn, buried beneath the leaves To the echo of the summer softly weeping Sinking further in this sanguinary sea Painting pain with pastels through her cemetery eyes Into the night we ride, scars wide open…

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Man On The Moon feat. Sweet California

…worry I'll be with the stars watching from the far Crawl up to the man on the moon I'll be right here, watching over, watching over you I'll be right here, watching over, watching over you Now I'm older Life can trap you

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Gods On Fire

…debts, To our children, Perhaps they are richer, But there was something we disregarded, The nature is in us and all the time, We were hanging ourselves with our own rope, We are not goin' to see the kids... But it's too late And cannot appease Gods are on fire Gods are on fire They won't lend a hand What is done, is done…

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