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Raised By The Sword

…prayers fade The weak ones will meet their gruesome fate Loyal minds will not break The bold people of war Have raised to get their victory You depend on our mercy Who is raised by the sword Can't be beaten Who is toughened…

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They just want a family
Piia Myyry

…like fast cars, everythng goes by too easily, you have your culpas, its hispanic style, when you have no wino negro, you have your wife, to have all toys, you all have all the package, you have wanted when you were…

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Tampere by night
Juice Leskinen

…nieltyään rautaseipään Tampere by night! Tampere by night! Tampere by night! (Allright, allright, allright) Sitä hallita ei, se hallitsee Ja mä ihmettelen, mitä viljelee mies, joka kynsien altakin myynyt on maansa Hän orpona…

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Dead By X-Mas
Hanoi Rocks

…Friday is the 13th, so to 24th is not so long to go Though my face don't show My temperature is gettin' too-o low I've seen it all in a dream I know just how it's gonna feel Like not to be alive anymore I'll be dead by

10.70 %
One Man Army

…This lifeless soil Barren of good thoughts Scorched By grudge and grief Doomed to linger on Wandered aimlessly Blinded By their lies Now I raise my head And sword When shadows steal the light Fire Desire Denial In my…

10.24 %

…exposure to company is accompanied by x-rays, by the time these babies are declared, they have a perfect horror of cold. thus they are perfectly able to immigrate these puppets, these minors, ask me so spiders and steel…

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Always By My Side

…no way that I could try to stop it Your love keeps on holding me so tight There's no way that I could try to fight it YOU - are always by my side YOU - keep holding me tonight YOU - I could never hide Keep on lovin' me…

9.86 %

…rain and wind and weather Hell-bent for leather Wishin' my gal was by my side. All the things I'm missin' Good vittles, love, and kissin' Are waiting at the end of my ride. CHORUS Move 'em on, head 'em up Head 'em up…

9.76 %
Retribution Shall Be Mine

…No sun rises today No moon shares it's light Eclipse of soul Growing breach of faith Pierced by bitter deception Chained to the darkness Left to rot Growing breach of faith Left to rot with hate I can't escape from…

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