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Over the long nights
Piia Myyry

…have no luck, you just want to see the daylight, its your small talk, you like life, your summer is with your friends, ' they like to party, you like money and life, its brings security and a new child, over the long…

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Over and over again
Piia Myyry

the power in these fields, you like to show how you work, but your mind is weak, all the leak goes out to humans, you break peoples bones, like Nerå old times. You all like your glassy lifes, your dick is your love, it breaks your life, its all the time the same game, you want to see the look, over and over again.…

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Peach Party
Satin Circus

…lovely! With sand in your hair at the sunset party You're my princess seventeen Oh yes you're mine, mine, mine And you've got to go to the peach party with me And I'm so fine, fine, fine baby when you're mine At the peach…

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Partynator inc.

When it's midnight, this sweet cinderella will shift into a rabid werewolf They line up for easy contentment, we gotta save her from herself and retain her self respect We're gonna save the party if you want us to By…

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Over the years
Piia Myyry

…same, its not your needs, this is society, you live in gates, during the days, bulevard is your street, there you roll your own crimes, over the years. .…

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All over the years
Piia Myyry

…, all over the years, you hve been a bulvan, to the university friends. Its all illegal, there is easier lifes, you have become something else, then we all expected, i never seen just a hate for human beeings, you really do what you say, even there is a change to the better living.…

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The winter sun (joululevy, 1)

…a party time. I stay at the house with you, all is like being in heaven and brand new, at the snowland of winter angels, we all get gifts and candy sticks. We have a snow-white and Peter-raindeer, we can go to the

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You all have the same rooms

…main road, at work and home, you love no-one, you dont even know, when you cross the line. You all have your shelters, its your home, unless someone brakes it, you come and go, the mood is all, the same storms over the years, wedding nights, at the restaurants, as earlier years.…

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You like the dog fights
Piia Myyry

…are suffering all the time, you like that life, it feeds your soul, over the years, when you have sexual problems, you make money ot the anger, you like to new channels, the taste of it. You like to arrange the fights…

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