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A Reason Why

…oh oh, you are somewhere out there Oh oh oh, but you don't care about me Oh oh oh, the more I think about it I don't understand a thing Why did you go? I need some answers now To get on by Please tell me why did you go…

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You just think
Piia Myyry

…years old, all your days just go the same way, you just think, you are the one people need, nobody comes with you no more, 'they are fed uo of it all.…

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You think nothing
Piia Myyry

…it, you must have good credits, money is not your thing, you think nothing, you get bored of taking care of things, you all are some old friends, nowadays you are like friends, all the life has gone to love and raising…

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Your shadow life
Piia Myyry

You all think you are good, why they make pics, which doesn't really seem to be so nice, like your shadow life, you like really nothing, it's not really passionate life, you come from the countryside, but there is…

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Are you gonna be my girl
Isac Elliot

…That is going round and round my mind Are you my type? 'Coz I'm waiting for you baby I've been looking all night Are you my type? 'Coz I think that you're amazing It feels like the right time Are you, are you, are you

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The nights are criminal
Piia Myyry

…ones, where you really beat people, raw injuries. keen on them are are the traumatologists, the pain in such a life is likein car accidents, you do it every day, the beating is the same. You all think you can continue…

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You talk all day long
Piia Myyry

…all go to paris to see your fucks, you all life like that, all your life, they really dont go anywhere, they stay at home, everyday, you think, they have something to give, they have no money, thats why they have such a…

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You are everywhere
Piia Myyry

…is just neet, do you really think, what you really do, you are like the sosiopathics, they do everything, what they want, even beat. You really think this is no society, you are all the time so jealouse, between peoples sheets, even walls dont keep you away, you are everywhere, like old days.…

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You are rude
Piia Myyry

…Yes. you say they are cool, do you think I am a fool, they do what they want, its like in england, ' no-one have their own work, they just to their own thing, ' what it is, you can just make, your own think. You all…

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