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Where Were You Last Night

Where were you last night I beg and I cry I keep asking why Where were you last night Where were you last night I'm here all alone Still wait by the phone The hours go by What else could i do but to cry I call and I call…

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Can You See Me
Krista Siegfrids

you hear me I think you're right here That's why I have no fear I wish you could see that I'm okay Your words they took me far I wish you could see that I'm okay That I am moving on Can you see me Can you see me I still…

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They were strange
Piia Myyry

where strange. You like to work in hospitals, you live in shadow world, make your own moves there, like guys abroad, when they see their friends, they code all the time of the violance, at home, you make the crimes, with

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The life in here
Piia Myyry

…have the good salaries. You all want to see people eating pills, you all belong to the same group, you beat even your own children, they have no, their own needs. You love your own lifes, 'you dont need much, its not your thing, the life in here.…

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You have lived nowhere (metal)
Piia Myyry

…their own homes. Work and work, thats what you do, its your goal, every day, you make good money of it, its not like in here, everything is difficult, nothing really is interesting. Quiet cities have really nothong to…

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…Once upon a time a song was heard Giving birth to a child of earth and verse Together we slay another fright Every Jubjub bird, spooks of the past Close your eyes and take a peek The truth is easy to see We were here

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You like the raw face
Piia Myyry

…in other cities, its not our life, you go around here, stranger in the cities. You all slip in the big things, its not your life, you life how you life, you have chosen your side, they have been living many land, and…

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Away And Here
Ghost Brigade

you bargain with Buy yourself your own kingdom Helplessly tilt the time for me Can you help this only for me First to find It's hard to be Lightning for Lack of regret wakes me…

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Here is just corgeour
Piia Myyry

…I went to bank,It was closed, there was nothing anymore, no desk, nothing going on, i think we have some crises, you like to play your games, now i have to walk more, to see the bank desk. The atmosphere, here is just…

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