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You break peoples bones
Piia Myyry

break peoples bones, and beat them to the knees. Its your life, you like that style, you are already over aged, now you have your own diseaces, nobody wants to see you, you go everywhere, with your unhealthy people, you

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It's So Hard
Velvet Ocean

…alone Don't you know? It's so hard for me to let go Why can't you see? You and I All we need is time to heal our love It can't be gone I love you There is nothing that I wouldn’t do To hold you in my arms Once again I…

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Hard Luck Woman
Hanna Pakarinen

…the days of my life I have waited And the hope never has really faded We used to love each other We know we do So maybe we should bother And stop playing a fool I'll be your hard luck woman Would you be my hard luck man? The flame's still burning Just take my hand You know I'm your woman I know you're my man…

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The work is hard
Piia Myyry

…the boyfriends you move. You get married and divorce, you take the new boyfriends, romancing the stone, you are really never happy, you want to have action, its your life, they want to rest, the work is hard, they get…

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You break their bones (nerå)
Piia Myyry

…happens during the days, you break their bones, like that you keep it healthcare, you have that side, the look is insane, you gladly tell your own stories, that like shadow world, you see it in their face. You see the infodeck, its in the riverside, you like to walk on beach side.…

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The competition is hard

…, how the life has been. In big cities people are educated, the competition is hard, you inevidement, face it. The english is not my mother tongue, I just need to use it, to run my everyday life,…

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Closer to you
Park 7

…some darker days, some darker days Take a look inside my heart I really like you and I say I know that you see every day of my life My darkest moments, and when I laugh so hard that I cry You keep on loving me, no…

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Why Can't My Heart Break

…He is that boy everyone wants I can't believe, almost I have it all He was the one out of my reach And now that he's here, he's just something I need He tells me, tells me that he wants me Holding my hand, but I don't…

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You have to play hard
Piia Myyry

…The life goes easily with some other friends, they have build their own imperium, its their game, they work for their own companies, its a larger life, i am alone, its a rockier lifestyle. You have your options…

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