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Blood Is The Price Of Glory

…the enemy with their feet Without fear they fight Can you hear the call of the North star Feel its longing in your heart This bound is eternal Sworn through blood At the end we will stand as one! Even if the daylight…

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The bed-side stories

…The atmosphere is different in different cities, you can take a flight from town to town, to see it all almost at the same day. When do you know, when you have seen it all, its when it doesn´t fill you anymore. When…

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Watching You Fall

…grown to hate you And sooner or later you will hate you too You're dead to the world You can't even look yourself in the eye You're dead to the world Don't pretend, you're dead to the world You've made your bed and in

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53rd Street Last Virgin
Anna Eriksson

…She's watching the silent days go by Praying for man and his never ending crime Dreaming of the winds in the willows City night's knocking on her windows She stays in, stays out of sin She's just that way Praying for…

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Sipp Ward

…niggas DIE They Leaving so damn SOON Cant even Make it out The WOMB 1:57 Verse Cant Leave the game alone now You say the game is Addictive Got a Mil Under the bed But that aint a big enough TICKET Raised in

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Our Memories
Old Polaroid

…At this time, i'm afraid to leave you alone for too long in hell At this time, many bad reason you never tell And now this time, just waiting for your phone to call Maybe if you tell me this pain ain't so bad after all…

12.91 %
Dying Song

…Barely alive under ice by exchanging sighs With tomorrow quivering in the loneliest light Shedding skin to a dying song We hum along to the evening sun Till we are no more Little deaths to a dying song Sound a lot like…

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You beat people in gates
Piia Myyry

…you beat people in gates, you attact to their home, to see their sorrow face, you really are criminal with your family, you beat then in bed, to get your dick up. You live in northern life, ihavens seen such a rude…

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Two for Tragedy
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