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Where Were You Last Night

…I call and I call Just to make things right Have I lost the fight Where were you last night I beg and I cry I keep asking why Where were you last night Where were you last night Lost In the dark and my fears If only…

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Last Night I Dreamed Of You

Last night I dreamed of you Dream too perfect to be true Together in a place where blossoms grew And then I woke up next to you Last night I dreamed of you Inside my dream was love so new The sun was shining and the sky was blue And then I woke up next to you

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They were strange
Piia Myyry

where strange. You like to work in hospitals, you live in shadow world, make your own moves there, like guys abroad, when they see their friends, they code all the time of the violance, at home, you make the crimes, with…

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Tutankhamen (Remastered)

…As the sun sets beyond the pyramids To greet me with its rays I place my hand on my forehead To see your chariots' flames Watch me kneel before you Hear the cats meowing in the temple They yearn the milk you cascaded…

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Beauty & The Beast (Live)

…Remember the first dance we shared? Recall the night you melted my uglyness away? The night you left with a kiss so kind Only a scent of beauty left behind Ah, dear friend I remember the night The moon and the dreams…

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Fucking Yournalist (I'm on a Hot Road)

…friends and perhaps have a chat with the ones that were there Back in the day Trying to make the good things last altough you've changed When I'm walking alone I know that no one knows where I'm gonna go And least of…

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15th night
Juice Leskinen Grand Slam

…I've been drinking for a fortnight I'm a child who lost his way Can't see the light, can't see the right direction Darkness like a nuclear bomb My brain has gone astray without your love, without your deep affection…

18.24 %
Last Ride of the Day

…to the carnival of life The beauty of this ride ahead such an incredible high It's hard to light a candle, easy to curse the dark instead This moment the dawn of humanity The last ride of the day Once upon a night

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Sleeping Sun
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