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Shut up
Suppah Bad

Shut up

60.34 %
Why I Can Be Loving You?
Old Polaroid

…Why i can be missing you? Even though we never met before Why i can be loving you? Even though i don't know you more This life just began when you are around At one time i hate myself and hope to die And then i found…

57.84 %
Hani do you can

…-loo-love-loo. Do you can, oh do you can? On honey sweet sugar you. Sweet mamma, baby blue. I just want to fuck and screw you, you. Fuck and screw. Ammuu.…

54.04 %
Fuck scene

you bitchin 'bout, shut up take a dick in your mouth the fuck you playing games for, bustin out in Finnish rounds osa elää kuolleen ja näist puolet metskaa tuheroo ainoo huora mitä jahtaan se on kuus numeroo, money en…

53.89 %
Everytime i post a pick these hoes stalking me send this to yall group chat yall cant fuck with me
BMW S1000

…with me changed up now they screaming they dont fuck with me everytime i post a picture these hoes stalking me send this to yall gc yall cant fuck with me PERIOD! WHAT IS THIS SONG?…

49.55 %
your behaviour
piia myyry

can predictt things, its all in ya. I love you pupu really a lot, you can play with me, but i see the truth. It is not an easy to fool me, or be rude, you can though do it, and continue on your rules. I am not looking for

47.58 %

…bring me to life You are my shining light My angel My love I adore you I didn't know How things could change I almost gave up Once again Now I know That everything can happen And I know That you are mine You are my…

46.83 %
Parachute feat. Satin Circus
Isac Elliot

you fall down down I'll catch you So cold up here Let me warm ya No need to fear Just fly with me When all the light's gone I'll be, I'll be fighting for you and me And all the hope's gone You'll see I'll be there…

46.70 %
A-Ay feat. Diaz

…emptyhanded, been abandoned guess it was because how the fuck ya sounded there will be no picking up, chickens walk now you know what we came for, no need to talk now put in a cork now, so i can shake you and then pop you like…

46.44 %