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…käsiin. Mitä sä häviit jos toimit niinku muutki. Oikei kuulit mieti kunnol AA-kerho antaa käteesi pullon. This is my empire, that I rose from the ashes And gave life despite of my ways. I thought the ring's on fire. I would…

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Still On My Mind
Satin Circus

…time of our lives I'd go back to that summer Just to get to kiss you So many things we discovered, yeah I'd go back to that summer Can't you see I miss you Years gone by, baby you're still on my mind Cause you showed me…

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Tired Of Missing You
Isac Elliot

…Walked away, walked away with a piece of mind With a piece of mind Like that other time Run away, run away Didn’t even cry, didn’t even cry Baby not this time This loss of marry that goes down (?) I’m tired of sticking…

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The Madelene square

…You have your own adventures, you have made a bed to a woman, but the heart is somewhere else. Are you afraid to feel the love, isnt it good state of mind? Or is it just a mix of your own world, does it make you weak…

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Mind Fvuk

…Yeah, ah. Mind Fvuk. Mitä sä nyt, mitä vit**u sä mietit aha. Yeah, ah, jou, check this, tää o elämää. ah, jep, ah, jou. Ei jaksa kiinnostaa nyky-yhteiskunta ku himas niistät lunta ja näkyny eioo unta. En oo unohtanu…

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…to hide You'll always find me in disguise I can't hold on Every night I fall Every night I loose myself to dark side Every night I fall I fall on to my knees in front of temptation I fall on to my knees in front of

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…He appears from the mists of a dismal lake and the sky crumbles as he flies through the dimensions alone The night has laid a cape on his shoulders and with a grin on his face he attacks with his loyal soldiers Into the…

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…? Do you think baby and marriage make me forget it all? Do you think that kind of stat is healthy and carries far? How far you want to push me, what do you want me to say. I want to see you naked. Nobody on the sheets…

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As If

of kind and so mind numbing It's kind of like losing touch And I can't find me inside I hide in an empty smile And I have left me behind In words that aren't mine The scene, the scene - the screen's endless In style in…

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