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Far Far Away
Battle Beast

…To see the light... To quench this thirst for air... This awakened feeling forces me to climb the wall, Of a self-made grave, a grave where I slept for so long Like a blazing comet I won't stop till die Far Far Away

100.00 %

Away... Cherish the moment Tower the skies Don't let the dreamer fade to grey like grass No falling for life A gain for every loss Time gathered me But kept me flying "For this gift of dream I must pay the price with the loss of life's pleasures"…

43.54 %
Sing It Away

…Please believe me when I say There's nothing harder than the strife When heavy waters try to break you you will be singing for life When you feel like your world is falling down And darkness has taken your sight…

30.69 %
Get Away
Doom Unit

…I've decided I will live another day I was divided There's no other way You remind me Of what I've become Wake me up inside Before I come undone If I'm the one to blame I let you get away I know I had it all All the…

28.95 %
Take Away
Niko Ahvonen

…mikroaaltouunista Kun sä tuut duunista Sä voit lättyy lihaan kääriä Tajuttomii määriä Sä et tartte AlaCarttee Ja hovimestarii Mut sä tarttet jotain pysyvää Jotain mikä mieleen jää Hei, hei, hei tää ei oo Mikään Take away

27.39 %
Take My Breath Away

…my breath away Take my breath away Through the hourglass I saw you In time you slipped away When the mirror crashed I called you And turned to hear you say If only for today I am afraid Take my breath away Take my…

26.44 %
Love Is The Best Way To Kill
P. M. Kostiainen Project

…Consentrate and defeat Masquerade fade away Catphrase in your face What it takes, counterfeit Show me your heart 'cos I don't trust you Love is the best way to kill If my brains are downstairs Then you could swallow my…

24.98 %
Always By My Side

…high, always by my side I was running, I was running in the dark Thought I'd find the way, but in the end was feeling lost And I was trying, I was trying way too hard Drifting far away and yet you never were too far

23.75 %
Eva (Demo Version)

…with life ahead For a memory of one kind word She would stay among the beasts Time for one more daring dream Before her escape, edenbeam We kill with her own loving heart Eva flies away Dreams the world far away In this…

22.92 %
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