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…my hide Don't ask what is the price of my hand Would you be queen of my land? When everyone else is gone Fire, making my way much harder All of this time I'm after Images of my soul And I've wounded my side And I've…

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Kake Randelin
11.54 %
Turku archipelago

…, its quite nice place. Itdepends of the city, some cities are more fun to stay. In some places you life a lifetime, here they want to have their own island, to have their own place, near the swedish boats some place, I have lived my whole life here in these places, and spend all my time in archilepago waves.…

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Turn the Page (Live)
Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band

…This is from ‘72 also About being on the road lt’s called turn the page, yeah One, two, three, and... On a long and lonesome highway East of Omaha, You can listen to the engine Moaning out its one-note song. You can…

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Turvallista Matkaa Helvettiin
9.82 %
Marcello Magaroni
Irwin Goodman
9.00 %
Huomio feat. Elastinen

…tosissaan, harva keskittyy kartalt löytyy vaa imagoo keksittyy nurkas sikiää pelkkii punaani emsiitä muka jätkii mut ei oo munaa nii ensinkää ja ihmettelet ku ei vedetä sun kaa settii mut sun kasettii surkeempaa saa ettii…

8.91 %
Armageddon Clan
Battle Beast

…Oh they will never get me alive As the words of warning echoed on the world did not respond Machines came down from the sky Human corpses headless torsos hang impaled and burn to dust Machines slayed many of us…

8.83 %
Jonna Geagea
8.74 %