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Hard Luck Woman
Hanna Pakarinen

…the days of my life I have waited And the hope never has really faded We used to love each other We know we do So maybe we should bother And stop playing a fool I'll be your hard luck woman Would you be my hard luck man? The flame's still burning Just take my hand You know I'm your woman I know you're my man…

69.52 %
The competition is hard

…, how the life has been. In big cities people are educated, the competition is hard, you inevidement, face it. The english is not my mother tongue, I just need to use it, to run my everyday life,…

68.27 %
It's So Hard
Velvet Ocean

…It's too late now tears are falling What can I do? I still hear you calling I'm screaming on the inside I'm so lost My heart is crying What can I do? I feel like dying You left me all alone Don't you know? It's so hard

67.09 %
Love, The Hardest Way

…, love the hard way Baudelaire in Braille Baby, love the harder way Once you lose yourself entomb I promise you to love the hardest way Pretty like a flower on a tomb you are Kissed blue by the last arrows of the sun…

37.39 %
Superman feat. Sebastian Rejman

…fly like I'm Superman How you make feel like this, hard to understand When I need a hero, you'll be my hero When I feel the darkness, you'll be the light 'Cause only you can make me fly like I'm Superman Like a Superman…

26.36 %
Master Passion Greed

…, never wrong More more more more more Master passion greed Master passion greed "Hello. How are you? Let me explain one thing. All for her and more for me Why is it so hard to see? I see no sense in doing this Not enough…

19.55 %
Away And Here
Ghost Brigade

…How sick you ever wanna be Able to see the light Suffer boy leash won't break How hard you try Helplessly tilt the time for me Can you help this only for me Walls around you grow taller Hard to keep em Heaven beside…

18.94 %
Demolition Soul
Doctrine Wavers

…, my entity shatters hard. Pain, gain, I wear my bomb with dignity Greed, stain, my entity shatters hard. I was beyond my common sense, but still I did what my faith required from me. Shall I testify my mission complete…

14.34 %
Higher Than Hope

…are left to live through you Red Sun rising Drown without inhaling Within, the dark holds hard Passiontide An angel by my side But no Christ to end this war To deliver my soul from the sword Hope has shown me a scenery…

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