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Higher Than Hope

…Time it took the most of me And left me with no key To unlock the chest of remedy Mother, the pain ain't hurting me But the love that I feel When you hold me near The hopes were high The choirs were vast Now my dreams…

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Sleepwalking Past Hope

…on sleepwalking past hope All is lost in this war All we can do is to wail and weep to the saddest song Sleepwalking past hope.... I unlit the light to embrace the dark To be near but not to turn into you my darling…

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Shatter Me With Hope

…The girl who cried "Love, won't you come and play with me?" You can be Cassandra, underneath the sword of Damocles We'll tear this baby apart wise like Salomon Run, come shatter me now, shatter me with hope Crawl, come…

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End of All Hope

…It is the end of all hope, To lose the child, the faith. To end all the innocence, To be someone like me. This is the birth of all hope, To have what I once had. This life unforgiven, It will end with birth. No will…

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Yours Is An Empty Hope

…the pain, it proves we’re alive Can you feel it I can’t make you want the truth It’s up to you Yours is an empty hope Yours is an empty hope Feed me to pigs in your fantasies Your sea roars bitter elegies Like…

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Happy? - Intwine

…feels like I'm drowning, Feels like I'm drowning without you I know the feeling, 'Coz I've felt this all before I hope you don't feel just like me, I hope you don't feel just like me I hope you don't feel just like me, I…

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Love's Requiem

…We abandon the trust that kept us blind and disappear Under the crimson wings of hate where the lost are safe Until they love again The heart of darkness is hope of finding you there And that hope will be our love's…

27.08 %
Too Happy To Be Alive

…We're still breathing, this can't be love Baby we're trying, shed a few tears more Oh, we keep on running, just to get caught And we know this is, exactly what we want, uh huh ohh We fear for the best, and hope for the…

24.21 %
Drawn & Quartered

…We can be like all the others with no way to go Paint ourselves into a corner with hope This could be the end of everything Afraid of a dream of one Let's hope these heart's for one another It's worth all wounds, it…

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