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If i hurt you i'm sorry, darling don't you worry coz i really really love you baby
Bunny mack

if i hurt you im sorry darling dont you worry coz I really really love you baby…

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I Wrote a Song for You
Isac Elliot

…We don't talk much And I got two years worth of stories But we don't talk much, no I don't sleep much And my heavy head that's full of worry Hasn't changed much, no If I call, would you pick up? It's the only thing I…

64.75 %
Song of Myself

…rotten your pre-apocalypse is All you bible-black fools living over nightmare ground I see all those empty cradles and wonder If man will ever change I, too, wish to be a decent manboy but all I am Is smoke and mirrors Still given everything, may I be deserving And there forever remains that change from G to Em…

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Sorry my ass

…but you gave me head mitä muutkaa mä muka täl feimil teen sua vituttaa mun ass when i hit the first class sori mä oon jääs mut ei sorry ass siks sua vituttaa siit mä niput saan ku näil vihaajil me vilungit maksetaan…

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Ghost Brigade

…today all colors are bleeding and across the ocean I am sorry I couldn't stay how does it feel to watch you are too much is your heart without a closet too never season to believe all darkness to infinity if you

39.30 %
Bonus Song

…lyrics whatever fits Thunder tits! Magic, swords, and dragons! That's all that matters! We wrote this song To please you all Cover songs to play Wise words to say So sing along it's a Bonus song! Ladies and gentlemen, Mr…

36.77 %
Dying Song

…life and love Crawl back into bed, Tomorrow is trembling at the sight Of you and I Life and love with you A dying song

34.62 %
Everybody follows your move
Piia Myyry

…havents really seen your semens, you must have had had is somewhere else, I am not the same, as earlier, i am not sorry, i dont wont to worry, it all comes to you, so the life goes, everybody follows your move.…

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Nylon Beat
32.03 %
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