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Big meal

…nearly see thru my dear Lifting up a fork's a massive chore While that hands a master at another job So you're trying to watch your figure, eating only living meat on saturdays Wearing your cheerleader uniform to stand…

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Crazy dog they say
Piia Myyry

…You all are out of the work, you are so lethal all around, thet nobody wants to see you, or your dogs, crazy dog they say, you live like there is no rules. You like to beat your friends to the grave, make them suffer…

76.25 %

…Caribbean sun, do their work, and have some fun. All the people want to move to Caribbean islands, own something there, and mind their own businesses. My-big-A does it well too, he has new friends, like Hacker and…

72.82 %
Dream Big
Isac Elliot

…not alone (not alone) Dream big Don't you be afraid Dream big You will find your way, yeah Dream big Don't you be afraid Dream big You will find your way You're a star in the making You can have it all if you dare to…

71.48 %
Everything is big
Piia Myyry

…You beat your work mates, you like it so, you be at home, over the days, you have a new men, you dont talk, you are quiet, you do just fine, you have arranged everything bad, its just fine for you, you seek for new…

63.95 %
Gap is big
Piia Myyry

…you stay, during the nights and days. I dont have money to spend like you do, gap is big, you have wanted it all,' already when you we a little, so I have heart it.…

62.60 %
The big scheen

…far away from Scandinavia, its too cold to have a real fun. I just like caribean music, the colour of the nature, and a new hedonism fun. The big scheen is the only picture, where I can have the real fun.…

62.47 %
Grand Big Mac
Huge L

…(Se on meitsi Big Mac Sä näät mut ajelemas Sit jossai vaihees mä alan ruuvaan ikkunaa auki) Damn it feels good to be gangsta Ku suun tukin ranskalaisil [Hook 1] Tuntuu hyvält olla gangsta Ku hamppareit hamstraa…

59.91 %
They are already big
Piia Myyry

…You like all your games, its comes easily, you have your student friends in helsinki, you know each other, you really need it, i have there my school friends from the teenage, they are already big, all the teens and…

58.19 %
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