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Dark Light

…Shivers run through the spine Of hope as she cries The poisoned tears of a life denied In the raven-black night Holding hands with... Dark light Come shine in her lost heart tonight And blind All fears that haunt her…

100.00 %
Endless Dark

…Softly the light shines in through Gates of grace on me and you Deceiving our restless hearts A flickering flame so serene Devours the night so we could see The fear we hold on to so strong But I know where I belong…

63.56 %
Precious Dark

…Island, Big Blue Turn off the light, close your eyes wide shut And welcome the precious dark" There was always a place that you knew of You were holding the keys all along There was always a game that you knew of Now you're…

61.31 %
Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean

The Creator of the Night Deep dark is His Majesty's kingdom A portent of tomorrow's world There shall the liquid give Him power The red-eyed unborn lord Fatal embrace of the bloodred waters The cradle of infinite gloom…

58.93 %
Slayer Of Light

…everything with me under the surface and all the screams will fade into my dreams Fall now! Dying light! I will burn away the ground beneath your feet and all will be vanished in the darkness Dying light! Fall now! and let the night arrive…

58.31 %
The northers lights

…I see again the northers lights above me, on the dark sky, where the lights fight, the night is light, and the stars, like diamonds, shine. You are my hero, and the guardian of the crazy demons, you are like a safe…

58.27 %
Dark Chest of Wonders

…chest once more Dark chest of wonders Seen through the eyes Of the one with pure heart Once so long ago The one in the Big Blue is what the world stole from me This night will bring him back to me Fly to a dream Far…

52.11 %
Last Ride of the Day

…Early wake-ups in a moving home Scent of fresh-mown grass in the morning sun Open theme park gates waiting for Riding the day, every day into sunset Finding the way back home Once upon a night we'll wake to the carnival of…

52.04 %
Disgusted By The Light
Ghost Brigade

…, been waiting Always praising final hours Like the time was never right Able to sense the rising light Yet still feels I'm sinking Never beared no resemblance Against any living soul You told me how you've been, been…

49.03 %
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