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lost She tries to live Forget, forgive So filled with fear "Please take me away, out of here" Her destination is salvation She's not lost She buries the sorrow, dires every tear that falls Her pain keeps fading until…

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…I'm keeping your memory in my head And your ghost lies next to me in my bed And I know I'm alive But my heart keeps pumping out of time And I keep checking my phone for a sign kertosäe: Baby I'm lost I lost my way Baby…

95.83 %
Lost In A Loop
Ghost Brigade

…got in your way You got lost in the loop You got lost in the loop I'm praying for that day to come I'm praying for a sunrise The great awakening And I'm praying for you to come The last day of our great creator…

95.19 %
Lost In Despair

…I was lost, on my own and I couldn't bear the thought of my life I was gone, caught in the torturing memories And they burned like fire water can never heal such pain Can't you believe Nothing is real Can't you see I…

88.79 %
Missing In Action
P. M. Kostiainen Project

…Lazy sunday low Comes to the town Maybe this is the way To breakaway, baby Missing in action Lost your satisfaction Fact or fiction Go to the wrong direction Maybe less is more Too much for love Revolution and remedy A mind without a melody Missing in action Lost your satisfaction Fact or fiction Go to the wrong direction…

68.23 %
In The Arms Of Rain

…Once again we found ourselves to be lost Holding hands while straying from the path in the forest dark Aren't you happy to see me crawl serpentine towards the sun to you Lift the lid off your heart's casket in the arms…

64.28 %
Into The Night

…Trapped in autumn, buried beneath the leaves To the echo of the summer softly weeping Sinking further in this sanguinary sea Painting pain with pastels through her cemetery eyes Into the night we ride, scars wide open…

60.24 %
The Heartless

…Can't you see he's the heartless Your pain is not love He's taking it too far Don't you know it is wrong You're the one for me, lady You're the one If you'd only see in my heart You'd know all is not lost Your time is…

59.11 %
The Forever Moments

…from the deep Sing me a lullaby of eternal sleep Wilt blow wee plant that last to recall As in silence we sing to reborn…

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