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I am already 40
Piia Myyry

…, spending time on the beach, over the nights. They can stay up in the evenings, with their wifes, they have candle light dinners, almost every eve, you just want to have your lifes, you are really a control freek, the talk in like in a elderly home, i dont really miss it, I am already 40.…

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Good or bad relationship

…live to spent. The slowest ones, built the families at the age of 40, around. Its okei, probably then, you dont need to divorce no more.…

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You like sport
Piia Myyry

…long, you like sport, its other peoples neck, you through the stones. You really beat women at the age of 40. 'you are all young criminals, you even steel at the age of 20, you all come from big cities, you like to beat…

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The real love

…need love. thats why people make the kids, at the age of 40. You still have time to spend teasing women. Come inside to my home, I just want to feel your love, give the heat to my cold city-place, its like warming up…

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You are keen on
Piia Myyry

…All is done for you, you retire, at the age of 40, its possible, you all like it so, you just need to jump to the plain, to seek the stone, you really live like it, you choose all the time, you are keen on. You really…

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The kids who have nothing

…, in our school system, which you kids to feed. My parents have no education, on their opinion they do well, 40 years of work, you have some real estates, of what you can talk about.…

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Piia Myyry
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