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Time For Us

dance with you I never said I ain't gonna love you You just keep spinning all the bullshit in your head right now I'm tryina figure it out what's been going on I've been going on so hard with my lines yo Trying to…

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Goblins' Dance

…The works of Dreaming evil, and the joy of unholiness No soul was left alone, in the mayhem of the human race "Hahahahaa!!!, Let us joy, Let us dance!!!" So they danced their macabre dances From the three ascending moons, moonshine was spilling onto the ground, Gruesome trophies were all around, In the halls of the Goblin King…

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Are you gonna be my girl
Isac Elliot

…, she's a fly girl, check it Pretty, witty, she's a little fitty I'll shout it out what she does to me So delectable, so respectable She's original, simply magical Oh, never ever let her go She's my girl so unforgettable…

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Money dance

…Mä pommitan mersulla enkä aja mitään audii Haluun nähä girl kun sä oot niin bad do the dance do the dance do the moneydance…

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Bad Girl
Anna Abreu

…I know you're trying but you're failing, so turn around I'm in control, I call the shots so never mind I'm gonna tell you how I feel before you hit the ground This time I'm gonna make you see And I'm gonna make it loud…

31.15 %

…I'm gonna dance this night up She's got the cash, I won't need mine It'll all be fine, I'm already calling on her landline I'm gonna drink you pretty, you'll put on the nice dress But for safety's sake; my place after…

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6 - 0
Sunrise Avenue

…I will hold you, satisfy you You'll never wanna let me go I'm gonna kick them out of my way I'm gonna find us a place to stay You will love me, satisfy me I'm gonna win this little game 6-0 Baby There are boys Who…

24.23 %
Are You Ready?
Anna Abreu

…It's gonna be our night, it's gonna be our night When I hear he dance floor kickin' that groove DJ's got the beat to make your body go oooh Everybody's checkin' as I start to move It's gonna be our night, it's gonna be…

22.53 %
Black Ice
Hanna Pakarinen

…tragic where nothing's ever good enough we all are guilty there is no innocent tonight we hurt each other just to feel something inside how I've tried to give When I never get say when I'm the only one t the cry don't…

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