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…I've got lots of reasons to smile today Feels like the world is turning my way Come out tonight, the temperature is just right Oh my, in this light, love is what you might find Summer nights, outside, looking up at blue…

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All is closed
Piia Myyry

…, having a better life and society. You really like these european cities, its ok, but the people like it small, there is not much to do, they like to life like that, all the days, its today some shopping mole days, but the city has not so much to give, all is closed, there is no atmosphere.…

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London Thunder

…I'm on the red-eye flight to nowhere good How about you? I've been in the air for hours Meteor showers by the pool So one last drink for summer Always leaving never you Come back to London thunder The sound of sorrow in…

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The summer time

…I just like the summer time, it is an easy era to life in a country side, everywhere in the world, everyone likes the sun, and the light wind the hairs to wave, Do you even know, how it is to live in the north pole…

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Its just a summer job
Piia Myyry

…You have been informs of the covid, convicted of people who have violent needs, you make money of kartell, goes too personal, to live like that, you are not friendly at all, you have your metropolitan life, you need new…

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Diseli mersu raivoaa
My Summer Car
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Closer to you
Park 7

…matter what I do I like me the most when I am closer to you I don't know where I'll be after the summer They ask me about it twice a week I've heard that come away, you're with me So I guess that I will be okay Take a look…

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Last in Line
Nylon Beat
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Red bul antaa siivet

…Hei hei hei red bul antaa siivet joo joo joo red bul antaa siivet joo joo joo red bul antaa siivet vaikka missä tilanteessa jos on kaupassa tai ravintolassa tai tonkimassa roskiksia tai ihan koti sohvalla tai titi…

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