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Bye Bye Beautiful

beautiful Bye bye beautiful Bye bye beautiful Bye bye beautiful It's not the tree that forsakes the flower But the flower that forsakes the tree Someday I'll learn to love these scars Still fresh from the red-hot blade of…

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…Just one look into your eyes One look and I'm crying 'Cause you're so beautiful Just one kiss and I'm alive One kiss and I'm ready to die 'Cause you're so beautiful Just one touch and I'm on fire One touch and I'm…

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Satin Circus

…I’m just waiting for your sign But you make me wait For a moment the tension breaks and you set me free I can’t believe you’re here next to me Hold me tight Don’t let me fall tonight You’re beautiful, so beautiful

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Endless Forms Most Beautiful

…Come on, hop on, let’s take a ride Come and meet the travelers who came to town They have a tale from the past to tell From the great dark between the stars We are a special speck of dust A fleeting moment on an ark A…

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Shudder Before The Beautiful

…The deepest solace lies in understanding, This ancient unseen stream, A shudder before the beautiful Awake, oceanborn Behold this force Bring the outside in Explode the self to epiphany The very core of life The…

64.78 %

…Once written in the stars This tale was only ours but now We've reached The End of our tragedy A funeral of dreams A future tearing at the seams It's time to say our last goodbyes All there's left to do is take a bow But when I leave I want my scars to show…

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Scared To Death

…In the biblical sense and sensibility Let me know you I'll kiss that smile off your face Just say when I'm not afraid to say I love you Any more than I used to be, babe I am scared to death I am scared to death to fall…

20.00 %
Battle Beast

…know To whom my final breath belongs The only fire in me you'll ever find Is the funeral pyre of love burning high I can take no more Will I die alone tonight And fly toward the stars? All I want is to live one day…

19.73 %
Ode To Solitude

…you smile less Here's to the pain The light of the oncoming train Come on Ode to solitude in chains Here's to the pain As always, heaven in flames Now bleeding Ode to solitude in chains Map the scars of a heart…

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