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Song of Myself

…is left for encore Is the same old Dead Boy's song Sung in silence All that great heart lying still and slowly dying All that great heart lying still on an angelwing A midnight flight into Covington Woods A princess and…

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Bonus Song

…lyrics whatever fits Thunder tits! Magic, swords, and dragons! That's all that matters! We wrote this song To please you all Cover songs to play Wise words to say So sing along it's a Bonus song! Ladies and gentlemen, Mr…

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Sing It Away

…There's no need to be carrying a frown I'll help you sing it out tonight Sing it away All my troubles away Sing it away Never make me fade away Sing it away All my troubles away Sing it away Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oh I'm gonna…

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Dying Song

…dying song We hum along to the evening sun Till we are no more Little deaths to a dying song Sound a lot like life I've seen these dreams being crushed by a single thought And felt the envy of sadness engulf all warmth…

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I Wrote a Song for You
Isac Elliot

…wanna do And I should stop Cause I fucked up So I'm putting all my tears to use I wrote a song for you I wrote a song for you (Oh yeah) When I wake up I might just throw away these pages When I wake up, yeah I hope you…

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Vackra jul visan
Anna Maija

…Den första snön, som kommer från den himlen blå! Barn är ut och leker, och de lär sig laga nytt av den vita snön! Snö-änglar och snögubbar, och en snö häst, de' är aldra bäst! Snö skulpturer bygger man mer, och man…

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Please Don't Let It Go

…We're drifting apart But I want you to know Wherever you are, I belong Love's singing our song But we fail to sing along Wherever you go, I will follow So please don't let it— Please don't let it go 'Cause if you won't…

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The Phantom of the Opera

…In sleep he sang to me In dreams he came That voice which calls to me And speaks my name And do I dream again? For now I find The Phantom of the Opera is there Inside my mind Sing once again with me Our strange duet…

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Norma John

…Blackbird blackbird don't sing to me Don't sing below my window Fly somewhere else don't bother me Don't sing below my window You sang when he was in my bed You sang when my heart sang Now you remind me of something…

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