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A thousand years
Christina Perri
100.00 %
Hanoi Rocks

…songs Ten thousand heartaches, baby, Ten thousand heartaches now Ten thousand heartaches, baby, Could never break this cowboy heart of mine We'll kill all the men and rape all the women, Sometimes we'll even shoot down…

27.24 %
Unsung Heroes

…Forgotten tomb hill Unnamed graves No light can reach there Memories fade away Only frozen soil And eternal wind Remember the sacrifice Of those who are now buried in time A Dauntless heart A Righteous mind No sign of…

17.70 %
Ghost Brigade

…ten thousand days When you have lost all direction Let the silence speak the loudest words When you have lost all direction Let the undone come to life And feel the love engraved To the undivided presence of hope and innocence Soulcarvers…

17.50 %
Star Queen (Celestial Bond Part II)

…The traveller's heart is meant to be free No obligations and soul redeemed I knew that part wasn't for me When I met my star queen Born in stars, like all of us But can two paths start from one? Unite again in…

16.07 %

…The silence breakes the ground a shadow is riding the horizon An arcane man arrives to town remoresless and condemned Tasted the snake's poison broken every bone Felt a thousand gunshot wounds but there's nothing that…

15.84 %
The Poet and the Pendulum

…beautiful day. The music he wrote had too long been without silence. He was found naked and dead, With a smile in his face, a pen and one thousand pages of erased text." Save me Be still, my son You're home Oh when did you…

15.76 %

…punapurppuraisin vanhan miehen läpi tiehen eukon ikuisen polulle siellä irvistää luukallot reisiluiset rietastelee Kerto 2x Ruben Feldman-Gonzales: "I have the feeling that for the last three thousand years..."…

15.65 %
Eternal Wait

…myself believe that nothing would hurt deeper than the truth Never has the wind blown like thousand years ago Everything that I've known has left me on my own Never have I felt the rain fall down like the burning flames…

15.65 %
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