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Ugly God
94.19 %
God Of Wind

…trolls Who were all the time drunk He saw nightmare There big bad bear Ran behind him And shouted these words: [Chorus:] If you want to be a god of wind You have to beat me If you want to be a god of wind You must take…

64.56 %
Enough of You
Nylon Beat

my garden, my underwear was stolen And you keep following me the other side of street I see your shadow every day It isn't the right way I understand how much affection we are mean But you, you got curious in the wrong…

47.83 %
Nylon Beat
46.07 %
Eternal Love
Nylon Beat
44.87 %
Nylon Beat

…matter to me Before long it's all gone My bittersweet love's running free Love is poison, poison Addicted to something I just can't leave I'm on this poison It's everything I ever need I can't think of being without No one…

42.91 %
Like a Fool
Nylon Beat
41.90 %
Nylon Beat
41.71 %
If I Had Your Number
Nylon Beat
41.55 %
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