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Under the sunny caribean sky

…If feels like heaven, just love me, I know you are busy, just take your time just for me, I dont have this kind of south beach life, its famous lifestyle, within central european stars, just love me. In europe, you

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Under The Rose

…drowning in flame To prove you wrong and scare you away I admit my defeat and want back home In your heart under the rose Your heart under the rose…

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Your Despiser No. 1

…better than this On VIP throne, believing is bliss Row, row your boat gently down that stream Then kiss your ass goodbye. Decomposing smiles askew like scars, Sickening grins reaching for the stars. Nothing but filth…

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Yours Is An Empty Hope

…Tear me to bits enjoy the scene Of screen name verbal vanity Churning the words imbued in filth Your tongue oily water under my bridge You have the world, it’s all for you I wish you’d find the lost in you Grateful for…

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The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness

…By your heartstrings, I am hanging from a dream Gently swinging in the warm autumn breeze Come look at the scars smother a heart Opening up No more Tiptoeing along a strand of your hair suspended between These…

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Under the Skandinavian moon

…is too heavy load. You never really can know if for sure, people change their work, something new. Nothing is really for a lifetime, it is a good, I even dont want to remember, every era of my life, anyway. I just want to be on a move, some people just want to stand, under the scandinavian moon.…

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Big meal

…falling for your daughter You just thought they get along pretty fast What's the deal? You're trying to go back and retrieve what you once had Water under the bridge You might as well start by finishing your meal You're…

45.31 %
Burn Your Ship

…night You fall, you crawl, before You will learn to stand tall No turning back, there is no retreat Leave the past behind and burn your ship Be proud of all your sears The symbols of strength that brought you here…

45.27 %

…Shadows of evening on a traveller's way Destiny tells where the strange path will lead you Alone I've been walking this path every day under the stars and the white silver moon I hear a song and I'm closing my eyes…

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