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Drops of Rain
Bad King

…apart - when I hear the song so jaded. And it tells me about, tells me about the love so faded. Ooooh. I wanna feel'em on your skin. The drops of rain. I wanna see'em on your chin. The drops of rain. The spinning thoughts inside her head! The drops of rain. For him the girl's completely dead. The drops of rain.…

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Boy in the Back Row
Nylon Beat

…? When for the first time I took your hand in mine You used to call me a black crow I found it flattery I still recall our final kiss goodbye I heard you married someone from my school But now I can't think of her name I…

64.47 %
Diving Deep
Nylon Beat

…and sirens Witness the silence When we're diving deep Like flying forever We're breathing together As we're diving deep The waves under water Will bring us much deeper When make love to me We're diving deep Diving so deep The reef makes it shadows As two floating lovers Make love under seas We're diving deep Diving so deep…

63.61 %
Sex While a Taxi Ride
Nylon Beat

…wrong this evening And I must get back to you There is nothing else to do But I called to and decide this time I'll make the move When your life is showing nothing But some misery and pain Turn it up or turn it down but…

51.19 %
Black Rain
Nylon Beat

…It must have been July When I met you On a gentle August night You kissed me too Before the fall I was so sure you're my own September I was all alone Like black rain from the clear blue sky falling on me You left me…

51.09 %
Last in Line
Nylon Beat

…Nannannaana nannannanaana' Hey, what am I going to do Can't get this by with you You hide away from me And I understand If kiss will make you shy But please, don't say goodbye When I try to make you see: You're the

50.87 %
All Right
Nylon Beat

…to me And whisper in my ear All right Baby it's all right Tell me the words I need to hear And keep me near, so near You must have been thinking of When you look at me: It's only foolish insecurity But I'm aware of…

48.30 %
Like a Fool
Nylon Beat

…Here I am with open arms Waiting for my boy to come to me And when my baby's here with all his charms I whisper to his ear in secrecy Baby Funny how all dreams come true Like a fool I'm into you The day we met I lost…

47.76 %
Eternal Love
Nylon Beat

…How can we reach eternity If love is so hard for you and me Why must we keep on fighting on and on How will I know if you're my man When my heart don't always understand That you keep telling stories of your own And I…

47.50 %
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