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Kids running after you
Piia Myyry

…friends, they have families, i dont know why you dont need them, you have no kids runnig after you, in homes over the days, you dont know how it all feels.…

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They live in shadow world
Piia Myyry

…new music, they entertain themselves, of peoples lifes. They live in shadow world, like all criminals. Its an easy city to live, you need to do nothing, all is given, you just need to eat, its just fun, after all the

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…Butterfly in the flowers butterfly with the flowers dances and plays what does he care? But you're a man you've got to care love thy neighbour look after thy brother Stupid men in their towers stupid men with their

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Sipp Ward

…mystery But keep surviving young player And I Promise The Game Is YOURS 23 Secs Hook Sometimes I Wonder Why Do Real Niggas Die They Breaking All the Rules Thats what real Niggas DO Somebody tell me Why Do Real…

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They are all similar
Piia Myyry

…I have to change my habits. all my friends, seem to have new problems, they have their global lifes, they have theis medics all the time. The children are born already sick, they have them like in africa, to have a…

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The Carpenter

…unknown soldier Lay the tools of the one who for us had died Tools of the carpenter The one they lick The same old sick Dream of their precious saviour Kiss them deep And make them weep Over promises of eternal peace The

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Jealouse they say
Piia Myyry

…it works, you seem to now nothing, still it all goes on, you really like your gateliving, its for every kind of people, you dont know, who is tagging there in the evenigs, these people are violent all day long, they feds their spouses with pain, jealouse they say, but do nothing.…

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In the evening

…, they have become lazy, they just do, what they need to do, now they have kids and dogs of their own. I dont know, who does their work, all the time goes to the family matters, like there would be anything else. My work is in our capital, its a busy city. at least for lawyers, who have responsibility, all you do, is up to you.…

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You break their bones (nerå)
Piia Myyry

…easily, they have gain all the work, like you all like your videogames in real life, you do what you are feeted, all is after all violance, you and your family benefit of it. You like murder games, suddenly, something…

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