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I am not young anymore

I am not young anymore, I am slow and desire love, all day long. I just want to come home, do the tricks, and gove you more, I just do it. like you want it, we have all the time, just to have fun of it. Our love is…

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I Have Nothing

…further I don't want to have to go where you don't follow I won't hold it back again, this passion inside I can't run from myself There's nowhere to hide Don't make me close one more door I don't wanna hurt anymore Stay in my…

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Echame la culpa
Luis Fonsi

I dont really really wanna paint anymore x2…

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You dont want more
Piia Myyry

…habits, its all so childess, i dont need to see it. You have been living like this ages, its your community, you like people talk, they like peace, which you seen to give, you wan teverybody to compensate you holes, its all the time the same kind of life, you dont want more.…

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Never Wanna Stay
Old Polaroid

i can't see you holding Do you think of me I'm here still waiting You said you would stay forever But i couldn't see anything Missing you is the hardest thing i have ever known But its heavier when you said i'll go away I see you really love him And maybe this is my way To missing you, but you never wanna stay Never wanna stay…

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Satin Circus

…would be like this so girl yeah i believe you when you say you have a little feeling of you and me-ey dont worry tonight it'll be alright ooh i wanna know if you wanna go without all the expectations give me your hand, we…

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Addicted to this feeling

…The people are just erotical, they do it all the nights, they just dont talk about it, I just dont wonder it, it feels so good, its worth consentrating to it. I like to be with you, its easy, it balances my sexual mood…

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A Thief That Holds My Heart
Hanna Pakarinen

…Should I stay And let this game go on Cast away My dignity long gone I don't wanna run to the exit this time I don't wanna make what we have into a crime I realise I'm not gonna run to the exit and cry I'n not gonna let this

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Forgotten Home
Old Polaroid

…thought of you all along It's hard to see That i will be lonely It's hard to move on can't do this on my own I don't wanna be alone did i become a forgotten home? I can't save you from yourself It's not because you are…

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