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Lose You Tonight

…Don't run away I can't live without you Please stay And I'll learn to love you right I was waiting for you Waiting for all my life I've been crying for you Dying for you all this time I was waiting for you Waiting for…

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Doggie Bag

it back You said you'd love me the way I am If I was everything you wanted me to be Gotta stop and turn... All because of you, all because of you I finally know that what I have is one of a kind All because of you, all because of you I finally know that I should truly cherish mine…

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You're My Melody

…Late at night no one's around Take off the mask and lose the crown Feeling helpless and so alone All that you lost, all that is cost Friends who left when needed most They're all gone now, all but one If you open your…

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Don't Close Your Heart

…to believe in anything Baby, just don't close your heart Darling, don't let me down I know how easy it is to let go Surrender to despair lurking at your door To lose your soul and all your feelings Strength all gone…

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All About You & I

close your eyes and let me guide you Forget the worries for a little while On the ferris wheel in the moonlight It will be all about you and I I'm gonna be here if you wanna talk I wanna know if something's wrong And now…

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I Am
Doom Unit

…It's so easy To be bruised completely All too easy If you need it Follow my way Walk beside me Come with my way If you want it When the lights not low and I'm the one who knows it I am Better loose than you're hard…

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…, let's get closer I just wanna hear you say my name I just wanna keep you on replay So come on get your body over me Se get close, baby closer than closer Live it up Let it go Nothing to lose, this is my show Lift your…

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If You Love Me
Satin Circus

…then So if you love me, yeah-eah It's so hard to go on When the magic is gone Like in the movies that we like No happy ending without a fight Yeah, I know we had doubt Can we work it all out? And maybe I'm naive But baby…

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Coffee shop (i'm lovin' it)

I think you know it by now I don't like leaving the house Only when it's inevitable off to the coffee shop I should have warned you by now Tonight I won't come around I'm amazed I made it somehow all alone to the coffee…

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