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Don't hang up
Hanna Pakarinen

I really wanna know what you're gonna do 'cos I can't wait around for you Whenever you run from the conversation You never slow down to communicate I'm saying hey yeah (I don't understand) Don't hang up on me now Hey…

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I want to survive

don't wanna lose the power of life Most of all I wanna love all I can't change myself I want someone to change me I wanna feel peace and see it in me I want to survive in this black world I wanna find myself and the Earth I don't wanna lose the power of life Most of all I wanna love all…

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Flow feat. Kasii

…Making my own decisions I know what's best for me Even if you're lost or hiding Love will guide and set you free Don't you hold back, let it lead Open mind is all you need They all know that perfectly I won't choose…

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Serpent Ride

…strange aeons death may die In your eyes lies the world where I don't wanna go Said you've changed but I don't believe in miracles Since you conquered my heart we've never been apart One day we'll close our eyes open them again And discover each other So I open up my eyes She treats me with a smile From her wrists flows wine…

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Blind channel

…Your friend who is not my friend Should keep their nose out of my business I don't wanna hear opinions, opinions, opinions I don't wanna hear opinions, opinions, opinions, (yeah) 2020 lockdown, wrapped it All these…

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You Don't Get Me
Anna Abreu

…tell who they are on The love you see in my eyes Is just a reflection of your own refrain: No matter what you say No matter what you do No matter how you play No matter how you woo You won't get me Because you don't get…

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I want to live

…want to live I want to die but after all I don't know why I want to live I want to die hmm this life is mine No more no more you hurt me for so long no more no more you can't hurt me anymore I want to live I want to die

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Why Can't My Heart Break

…heart break, make it realize Why, is there no turning back I just wanna feel something Why can't my heart break, though I want it Why can't he make me hurt Why can't I miss him, like I used to I don't know, I don't know I

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Hanna Pakarinen

…ejected Please stop and give me what we had before Don't wanna be ejected Don't wanna be ejected.... I press rewind and I find I'm ejected...…

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