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Satin Circus

…I’m just waiting for your sign But you make me wait For a moment the tension breaks and you set me free I can’t believe you’re here next to me Hold me tight Don’t let me fall tonight You’re beautiful, so beautiful

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Bye Bye Beautiful

…Finally the hills are without eyes They are tired of painting a dead man's face red With their own blood They used to love having so much to lose Blink your eyes just once and see everything in ruins Did you ever hear…

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…Just one look into your eyes One look and I'm crying 'Cause you're so beautiful Just one kiss and I'm alive One kiss and I'm ready to die 'Cause you're so beautiful Just one touch and I'm on fire One touch and I'm…

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Endless Forms Most Beautiful

…Come on, hop on, let’s take a ride Come and meet the travelers who came to town They have a tale from the past to tell From the great dark between the stars We are a special speck of dust A fleeting moment on an ark A…

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Shudder Before The Beautiful

…soaring high of truth and light The music of this awe Deep silence between the notes Deafens me with endless love This vagrant Island Earth A pilgrim shining bright We are shuddering before the beautiful Before the plentiful…

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Are you gonna be my girl
Isac Elliot

Are you, are you, are you gonna be my girl? You're standing there looking cooler than ice Can't help but stare You were born to be in the spotlight You act so tough, hanging with your crew Them girls will step aside…

41.11 %
Hani do you can

…Have I ever told you that I really love you Have I ever told you, honey baby, be-pop-a-loo-vai-viimeksi? You don't care how I wear my hair. You know my hair is everywhere.. It's so beautiful. And honey baby you are mine…

38.52 %
You are not welcomed

…everybody else. If you are not welcomed, there must be a reason for it, you have no big heart, everything you do, is for your own interests, you have some benefit of it. You have propably lived like that, all your life,just…

36.22 %
Can You See Me
Krista Siegfrids

…I wonder where you are Hope it's not too far When will we meet The smile on your face Just like the old days Your beautiful heartbeat You gave me a good start You gave me your heart I'll never loose that part I think…

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