a game night

piia myyry

Its a game night, its a cute hat day to fight, you do everything, to make me jealouse and fight, but I get hurt, and look for more gentle people not a fight. you are a player, all your life, do you get anything, without a rough fight.

you must have heart the angels sing, since you act like a bind woman to your ring. i havent heart from you not so much, today maybe a this kind of touch.Though, you told about the attention, the lack of it in any dimentions. it is always a same thing, either you fight for it or let it be.

you know i want the kids, i am far away of all those king of kicks, you just play like a teen ages, its a long ago, when we have been in the same stages.

Its time for me to settle down, I have seen europe and all kinds of fun. I have travelled through the europe by train, to see, how life in somewhere else is, and old faces to meet.

do we have today a white night, , it means buy-buy to freedom and is egosentric fun. there is just two of us then, i hope we dont need no safety glass scherm.

i want you to take me to the church, I want the wedding , be your wife, without the big fight. you are my warrior forever, I wait for you home every night the take the beast parts of you.

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