Come home alone

Piia Myyry

You dont wait for me at all, you are always busy, so you spend your days, you cant slow down at all, you want women to stay home,

its risky they get bored easily, to make the same mistakes, over and over again, its your decisions, you spent your life that way.

You can buy it all, pay all the salaries in cash, if you like it that way, have love in restaurants, see how they play,

its all fun for you, like it all is in big cities, you like that game, love comes easlly.

Everything costs you say, love especially in long run, anyway, dont you see it, its just a bit teatre,

many shortcuts, you can land on your feeds.

You can keep a distance, but life doenst go that way, you think you concure it all, but so the children also say,

You like to teach you friends, you dont see your own games. You can come home alone, but I am not there nomore.

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