Dalai Lama


The some days are just better than others, if you just feel tired, just take your own time, do use your life better, so you dont need to see, what makes you not feel good.

Its your own universum, you can change almost everything, so says even Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader, of the TIibet, who knows everything.

I have heart he watches Bollywood movies, I just dont watch those every day, it doesn´t lift me up, quite opposite, I have to say.

Those movies suck all the good energy of me, I feel empty, they dont reach my intercultural skills. Those people just feed for each other, like thay say all the time.

I just want a family of my own, I can make the same mistakes, all over again, to see how much pain, my family can gain.

I just saw you in the metro network, and wondered the time, which was wasted for, something else, except making something good to the family, its hard because of you, to be a groome.

Laita PIIA MYYRY soimaan ja ratko päättelykykyä kehittäviä tehtäviä. Ratkaise tehtävä ja näe miten pärjäsit muihin verrattuna. Toimii suoraan nettiselaimessasi!

Löydätkö sen yhden ja ainoan oikean ratkaisun?

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