Devil life ( heavy)

Piia Myyry

You have born on the year of dog or snake, you can see it of your face, you dont like peace in your own territory, you are too cruel to have a family, you just like to visit, jealousy is a darker living, you like it money comes from it, you like your shadow life, its not smooth, but you like the rocky road and devil life.

You all like you alter egos, it´s teched of what feeds you, you dont do anything on,your own you like company, you are forced to do what you like, you like the same style, you come to see if everything is fine.

You all like you lucky life, you have no responsibility, you make the injuries to your friends, they suffer of your company over the years, you really dont care, its your life, you live like you want, you work in the newspaper, you should know it all, its a big flame, over the land, its your violant game, you get money of it all.

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