Extra powers

Piia Myyry

When you hand goes all over your body, I dont remember, if the day was sunny, When I see your face happy, its like wining in the lottery. i like to see you naked, you can sts how your self like a baby, just enjoy of it all.

I hope I coud have met you, when I was younger. here is so any years wasted away sexually. I am longing after our heat on hours. It really gives me extra-powers.

You have been sosializing s well, that they have hired you to the big business as well. I nevr have had so much luck, is a prize of a lady, who you never appreciated too much of.

I have always wanted an easy life. Lots f kids ad a bid america house. Just to make the best f it, it is our copromenses, i didnt know now, who really likes it.

I like when you kiss me. You are really god, actually in every fied. I can separate people to different sectors, you have succeeded, with ancient methods of wellbeing.

I wish I could see you more, I realy want to score, I have to leave to my home country, to see how life is there and check all my duties. It is not like drinking smooties, it is really a legal work as on duty.

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